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change of scientific research funds

Le 7 March 2014, 02:43 dans Humeurs 0


plan, personnel planning, change of scientific research funds allocation system, according to the man's head, not according to the project, because scientific corruption went out in the tech world there are too many departments have funding powers. Yesterday afternoon, Chen Wenfu representatives meeting suggested north  nike free 4.0 v2 running shoes  green newspaper reporter interview, he talked a vision of his thoughts in detail. North green newspaper: why focus on technology mess? Chen Wenfu: my life science and technology, have white hair, the tech world mess I know. If you don't change this situation, even if there is a lot of national science and technology innovation investment, also will be more and more serMa jiantang, head of the national bureau of statistics, said in an interview, the unification of the GDP accounting has been listed as reform, will listen to the opinions, this year to plan. For a long time, various economic growth figures released by the provinces and the GDP figures released by the national bureau of statistics, the provincial economy combined numerical often higher than the GDP of the country's income data. With the difference between the two data in recent years more and more big, suspect that the voice of the local economic growth data fraud also appear from time to time. This year, said ma jiantang, the national bureau of statistics will conduct research, listen to the relevant units, especially the opinions of the local government, strive for to form a unified accounting scheme this year. "Unified accounting to some extent is not simple statistical problems." Ma said, "does not exclude the national unified computing (GDP), economic aggregate and economic growth than in the past to fall off, obviously this is not a simple statistical problems.Yesterday, open HuNaTuan group activities, a total of 117 media reporters, hunan in recent years is one of the largest. Handful of introduction, deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee of hunan province hengyang subvert the election in 568 involved disqualified from people's 


congress, 58 people has launched a criminal investigation. Subsequently, hunan people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the handful of answer media questions about hengyang subvert the election case. Handful of introduction, the case caused the high attention, hunan provincial party committee has to investigate and punish according to law, found out 40 plots. So far, has been canceled 568 people involved in the people's congress, and of more than 460 launched CPC party disciplines involved, also for 58 people involved  nike free 4.0 v3 uk  with the criminal prosecution, launched a criminal investigationLadder electricity price has been implemented in the whole country, ladder water price is now 30% of the city, we will fight for this year, next year the country has to possess of organic towns where conditions permit, basically can implement ladder water price. Ladder gas prices also brewing process. Yesterday afternoon, xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) is a reasonable interval economic growth while answering reporters' questions, said "the upper limit is the overall price level can't break out around 3.5%, lower limit is can't slip out 7.5% economic growth, urban job creation may not be less than 10 million." Response bad-mouthing theory: China got off to a good start, the better prospects Xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission yesterday in response to questions about the overseas bad-mouthing the Chinese economy, our country economy got off to a good start this year, the outlook is better. Our country has the condition, ability, have the confidence to achieve this year's economic growth around 7.5% of the expected goal. "We don't avoid there are some difficulties and problems in the process of economic development. In general is unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable. Highlight some of the problems is the power for 


economic recovery is not enough, some industry overcapacity, the environment, the resources bottleneck restriction, nots allow to ignore to the potential risk of finance, finance, real estate there are risks. We face these problems, pay attention to these problems, solve the problem step by step. Come back, you say which country have no difficulty in the process of economic development, there is no problem? That's impossible." He said. The economic downturn give stoutly Xu shaoshi said, "in fact, in 2020 to achieve the comprehensive construction well-off society, we just have an average annual growth of 7%. We do not pursue high speed, because of our resources, environment bottleneck restriction is very severe. But we also can't let economic growth slipped out of the bottom line, we have to create good conditions for restructuring, promote reform." In the government work report of yesterday morning, Mr Li pointed out that GDP growth in 2014 is expected to 7.5%, and clear the reasonable interval of economic growth, there are upper and lower limits. "So where is the bottom line? And where the ceiling?" Xu shaoshi said, his personal understanding is that upper limit is the overall price level can't break out around 3.5%, the lower limit is can't slip out 7.5% economic growth, urban job  nike free 3.0 v4 cheap creation may not be less than 10 million, it is Mr Li in work report of the specific economic targets in 2014. How not to slip out of the bottom line? He said, to make ready for policy toolkit. A little more "steady growth, restructuring, promote reform of policy. Economic fluctuation occurs, want to find a way to keep the economy stable, economy downward trend, regulation should be decisive." Will be released timely ladder price To steadily push forward ladder residents of electricity, water price reform, xu shaoshi said, "ladder electricity price has been implemented in the whole country, ladde

reduce the corresponding to make

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 and mechanism innovation, vigorously reduce the general expenses, reduce percentage of central general spending by 5% at the corresponding level, and reduce some economy effect is not obvious by the central government to the local transfer payment. At the same time, also everywhere general spending, reduce the corresponding to make money is used to improve people's livelihood and economic development."Eastern city is a multi-ethnic, less developed areas, some cadres in xining city in the past, driving to and from work, and gas, tolls. Last year its action, make clear a regulation, the cadre work must not 'day', not private bus. As a result, the vehicle cost savings, cadres and more time and energy    nike free 5.0+ womens into service in the work of the masses." Eastern city vice mayor Han Yongdong representative in qinghai province, said this year whereas haidong539 5% reduced the city "three fairs", to save money, you can do a few more relationship between the people's livelihood, put the money to use on the "blade". The government contends, put the money saved more into the field of the people's livelihood. Pay more attention to the livelihood of the people spending, highlight the input focus and make development more fair and benefit the people. For example, the enterprise retiree basic annuities level increased by 10%, the per capita reached 1900 yuan per month or so; The new type of rural cooperative medical care and basic medical insurance for urban residents fiscal subsidy standard raised to 280 yuan per person per year; Most of the provinces has a serious illness insurance system of urban and rural residents a implementation plan, etc. In 2013, the central government spent 258.812 billion yuan on medical and health care, an increase of 26.4%. "In the past, the patients' families carrying luggage, zanba, dry buns, all the way to the state hospital. Now things are quite different, the grass-roots hospital level gradually improve, farmers and herdsmen medical reimbursement ratio is high, the medical burden significantly lighter." Tibetan autonomous prefecture in qinghai province people's hospita


l of obstetrics and gynecology, director of the niang Mao Xian representative. Niang Mao Xian representatives to introduce, at present, qinghai has a general from the province to the township level 4 medical institutions the new mode of "first in the hospital, after clearing", patients do not need to deposit, the hospital in new farming and ginseng in settlement, simplify formalities, deal with convenient, new farming and ginseng to rate reached 98%. Qinghai last year per capita basic public health services project grants standards from $25 to 40 yuan, the implementation of the basic public health services by 11 to 14, at the same time increase the medical treatment of a serious illness. "In the field of to put more money into the people's livelihood at the same time, but also improve the efficient use of funds, to ensure that every penny the way, see the effect." Liu Shangxi said, for example, for a long time long issued agricultural funds, sporadic, and it is difficult to mix pepper. "In July last year, the state council approved" two great plains in heilongjiang province to carry out the agricultural capital integration. By the end of 2013, the total integration of capital of 30.76 billion yuan, involving the production, development of social undertakings, and special, class of 77 for nike free 5.0+ mens    poverty alleviation effect is gradually revealed." Wang Qingjiang representative director of financial department in heilongjiang province is introduced, through the integration of funds, to determine the key project of support, financial support fund can when all at once in place, the rapid development of a focus on using production capacity, to solve the current problems need to solve. China's income tax threshold has been widely concerned topic, the Treasury secretary, Mr Lou said today that simply increase the threshold is not fair, cannot reflect the differences of each family, to the next item collection int


o a comprehensive income tax. Twelfth session of the second session of the National People's Congress news center on March 6 at 9 am at MeiDeYa center held a press conference, the Treasury secretary, Mr Lou, vice minister zhang shaochun "fiscal and taxation system reform and fiscal work" questions answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. In response to "personal income tax threshold, we now is 3500 yuan, is it possible to raise again?" , Mr Lou said, China's current income tax threshold is 3500 yuan, according to the requirements of the third plenary session of the eighteenth, the next step is to put the item into a comprehensive income tax. Simply raise the threshold of the practice of unfair, can't reflect the difference of every family. A few people make five thousand dollars a month, your life is good, but a man earns five thousand dollars while raising a child is very difficult. Lou jiwei, points out that the comprehensive income tax when it is not, to put all of your income integrated computation, considering your expenses, including basic expenditure, that is to say, do you have any support, raising the burden, you have the demand of the re-education, of course, this requirement is to implement the requirements, not you say there is demand, you will have to pay the training fees. Do you have any housing mortgage loans, these can touch buckle. Of course, you might not give you three sets of house deduction, your own basic needs that a deduction for you. This is not a simple threshold question. Lou jiwei said  nike free run 2 sale   that most of the countries comprehensive income tax threshold is very low, not 3500 yuan, some countries convert the Chinese currency is likely to be 350 yuan, but after the deduction will be the difference between different situations. So simply improve the threshold is not a solution to the problem. Simply speaking, we have been trying to, by a comprehensive classification and combination of personal income tax system to solve these problems. March 2 to 5, the China international economic and exchange center, deputy executive 

n promote system and mechanism

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d masses in Shanghai. Premier li keqiang made the government work report to the construction, management, good China free trade area of Shanghai, form can be copied, can promote system and mechanism, and carried out some new pilot ". Run up to now, listing on the Shanghai free trade area before Shanghai actively explore access, national treatment and negative list management, strengthen the supervision of things after the event, to promote the financial   nike free 4.0 v3 mens opening and a series of system innovation and plan implementation, overall going smoothly, the initial results, but also fully feel the complexity and difficulty of deepening reform. Shanghai mayor Yang on behalf of specific introduced the "complexity" and "difficulty", he said that Shanghai will open still wider to the outside world further, to deepen the reform. Shanghai is in the central ministries under the guidance and support, to highlight the comprehensive coordination, spare no efforts in construction, management, good free trade area, to create a new situation high levels of opening to the outside country, to comprehensively deepen reform and make greater contributions. The representatives of the cafta construction, general secretary and thoughtful concentration, and sometimes his head to listen, and start to record, and ask, how many enterprises in the free trade area now? Yang replied, it has more than 6000 companies to the end of February, 10% are foreign, 90% are domestic. General secretary heard nodded his head. Find the vigor from the traditional culture "My name is Liao Changyong, vice President of the Shanghai music college." Liao Changyong turn on behalf of the speech, he was a little nervous, "the past is for everyone to sing and speak a little not too habit, I try to speak not inferior to sings." Singer speaks words full smile, general secretary and his smile at one another. "Recently there are a lot of TV special fire, suc


h as" Chinese good voice "" Chinese song". "I am a singer." " Liao Changyong just quoted several popular name, general secretary asked, Shanghai what fire? Liao Changyong replied: "there are" China's got talent "in Shanghai." "These programs are very good, a lot of good songs, and talent. But type convergence, content are almost about pop music. I read a little frustrated, feeling like a professional people need not exist." Liao Changyong hope in the future can also have a "good drama in China" "China good symphony" good "Chinese opera, such as TV programs, let  nike free 4.0 v2 uk  people accept less the culture of single nutrients. "Learning the secretary after the important speech about carrying forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, established the original opera, we elaborate the Chinese artistic songs to carry forward the fine tradition of the core values of determination." Is in Shanghai music academy, he introduced, "trilogy" of Shanghai opera, will show in Shanghai in October according to masterpieces change a spring waters flow east, next year launched the "home" and "sunrise". In the first half of this year's Shanghai spring international music festival will also have a lot of original, aimed at pushing the couple, the new work. Introduced a opera art, Liao Changyong said: "the department in charge of hope for us this year," a spring waters flow east ", "home" and "sunrise" give more attention and support." General secretary of summer-planting, "one could launch three operas also is very not easy." Singers repeatedly nod: "is, but funding pressure is very big." Laughter in the city. Response Liao Changyong representatives, general secretary of television film industry, quote us on the number of films produced every year in China. Told reporters after the meeting, also from the literary cao kefan representative, he was not a bit surprised, "general secretary in sochi an interview with Russian media have


 already let me surprised him, he said to the many Russian writers, musicians, artists, also know the time is gone, very stylish, general secretary is a men of letters." "Into the transition period in China, the whole society have a lot of contradictions, entanglement. This time, we need derive the essence from traditional culture, find the vigor. Set up socialist core values, only in this way can we adapt to change." , "said cao kefan xi general attitude towards traditional culture, let us do feel encouraging culture." After review, general secretary of the outer ring around the "back" glyph hall and delegates shook hands, walk to the front cao kefan, he said, you look thin. Side of Korea representative explained: "he lean success last year." General secretary of humor, like the Shanghai government thin body, effective when it comes to the 2013 budget execution, to economize, nice surprise, two words should be people felt most keenly. In the first half of last year, under the influence of the world economy, the domestic economy downward pressure once more. Fall, its major economic index increase fiscal revenue growth. Once the central fiscal revenue in one of the few negative growth for many years, in the first quarter fell 0.2% year on year. "In the face of slowing revenue, and a new government did not take short-term stimulus, insist on not to expand the budget deficit, the budget deficit as a share of GDP at 2.1%; at the same nike free 5.0 v4 uk  time also introduced a series of preferential fiscal and taxation policies to promote the development of enterprises. It takes a lot of courage and guts." The deputy director of the Treasury money kosovo Liu Shangxi said. Fiscal revenue slowdown, balance contradiction how to solve? A new government put forward: to let people have a good life, government contends. According to the deployment of the CPC central committee and the state council, the central government regulation

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